Available positions

There are no available positions at the moment.

We have a limited amount of resources available for reading and evaluating potential unsolicited applications, sadly.

This means that our response time may be long when we do receive them.

However, we take pride in always answering any communications that we do get. This means that you will get a reply, even if it may take some time.

Unsolicited applications

If you wish to send us an unsolicited application, we would kindly ask that you include the following in your regular CV:

  • Description of what you can contribute with specifically in Ubivox. What can you do better, smarter, faster?
  • Any links to your website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Dribbble or other online public personal profiles
  • A list of the newsletters that you subscribe to.

Any application, unsolicited or requested, should be sent to:
Oscar Eg Gensmann

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