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No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.

H.E. Luccock

As a business, it is nearly impossible - and certainly impractical - to specialise in everything. That is why we have allied ourselves with an array of companies, all of which are experts in areas in which we are not.

Below, you'll find a list of some of the companies we've used and that we would recommend for other businesses that want help with daily challenges.

First Clients

The First Clients staff is exceptional when it comes to being available and taking care of all the little practical things that occur when running an office daily.

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Bookkeeping and business services
Bagsværd Erhvervsservice

First and foremost, we are technicians and designers. However, we still know that bookkeeping, VAT declarations and other practical matters need to be in order. Bagsværd Erhvervsservice has helped us with these things for more than 9 years.

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Erik Munk, licensed accountant

The most important thing we look for in an accountant is the ability to explain things so that non-accountants can understand what's going on. They do this perfectly at Erik Munk, without compromising their professionalism.

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As an online business, we have nearly always used other online solutions. E-conomic has been our preferred program for accounts for more than 9 years - and still is.

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New Relic

Monitoring a system such is Ubivox is something of a challenge. New Relic makes sure that we know what is happening throughout the system, all the way from the core to the browser used by a client. New Relic has spared us from many emergency purchases of new servers.

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