Our anti spam policy

If you send newsletters and promotions via Ubivox, we ask that you comply with our Anti-spam Policy, as described in this document. This Policy helps us to ensure we can deliver as many of your e-mails as possible, directly to your recipients' inboxes.

The vast majority of countries have legislation dealing with digital communications via e-mail, but this legislation is not uniform or consistent. In some countries legislation allows room to send communications that would violate our Anti-spam Policy.

We do not accept

  • Mailings to recipients who have not given informed consent to receive communications from your company.
  • Mailings to recipients that are purchased or rented from a third party.
  • Mailings to recipients who have not been in contact with you for more than two years.
  • Mailings to recipients who unsubscribed more than seven days previously.
  • Mailings with content that is not honest and understandable.

About consent

In our view, we define spam as digital communication that the recipient has not given explicit and informed consent to receive.

You require consent from the recipient before sending newsletters and promotions, and the recipient must be informed that consent was given. It is not enough that signing up for your newsletter is a part of your trading terms on your website, or that the recipient has the opportunity to unsubscribe after the first newsletter is received. This is not informed consent.

Consent cannot be given on behalf of others, but must be given directly to you or your company. This means you cannot borrow, rent or buy other peopleʼs recipients.

Consent has a lifetime, and within this lifetime it should be utilised, otherwise it will be invalid. If you have not sent anything to a recipient in several years, the recipient has most likely forgotten that consent was given, and it often results in complaints. Consent should therefore be utilised, preferably at regular intervals.

Consent can be withdrawn, and such a withdrawal should be honoured as soon as possible. In newsletters and promotions sent via Ubivox, an unsubscribe link is automatically inserted and if this is used, unsubscribing is honoured immediately. Recipients you unsubscribe through other systems must be entered into Ubivox, so no mailings are sent to those recipients.

About content and wording

Communications sent via Ubivox must be honest and understandable. To offer the recipient the prospect of something, for example, via the subject line, which cannot be honoured in the content, results in dissatisfied recipients and more complaints.

In some industries, it is very popular to use the subject line to announce that the recipient has won a prize, while the content and clicking on the links reveals that the recipient simply enters a competition on a par with other recipients.


  • Congratulations test@eksempel.dk Iʼm looking for you regarding a gift certificate for € 10,000!
  • Giveaway for Peter – your tel. no.: 70701337 has been chosen.
  • You have been chosen today, congratulations Peter – Is the prize address correct?

These types of subject lines provide the recipient with the prospect of a prize, which they have not actually won and it is therefore misleading, in violation of our Anti-spam Policy, and in some countries, in violation of marketing laws and good business practice.

Co-sign up/co-registration

You are welcome to use Ubivox to send communications to recipients collected by co-sign up or co-registration, so long as consent was explicitly informed.

Which newsletters recipients consent to receive, must not only be stated in the terms and conditions or such like, but it must be clearly indicated on the page where registration occurs. It is up to you, as an Ubivox customer, to ensure that the agency who collects recipients for you complies with this.

Consequences for breach of Anti-spam Policy

We follow complaint rates for mailings, we handle manual complaints to our abuse addresses, and we monitor blacklists and logs, so we can proactively detect breach of Anti-spam Policy.

For any breach of our Anti-spam Policy, we reserve the right to close the account without notice and without refund of any amount already paid. Any unsettled consumption is calculated and invoiced upon termination of the account.

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