Subaccounts - for larger organizations and chains

Ubivox provides you with the option of a primary account, to which you can attach subaccounts. The advantage is that you will be able to gain access to all subaccounts, easily share images from the primary account and also distribute templates to every subaccount from the primary account.

Below you will find a list of features which will create value across accounts, and will make the work in the primary account very userfriendly.

Image handling

You can import all of your image assets in the primary account. Through the multi select feature, you can quickly import lots of images at ounce. You can make all images available on all subaccounts

You will be able to safe a lot of time, compared with distributing your images for the newsletters manually. Your individual users will no longer need to keep your image library updated.

Delivery statistics

Ubivox automatically collects statistics for all sent newsletters in the system. The statistics will be available from the different subaccounts.

It is possible to pull these data using the datafeed function. This will give you the option of an accumulated overview detailing how well the different newsletters perform accross subaccounts.

Subscription of newsletter recipients

Using the API you will be able to send new subscriptions to the exact account that are to receive the subscription.

As an example, you will have the option of having a subscription form on a website with choices for which branches the subscriber wish to receive news from.

The new subscriber will automatically be subscribed on the subaccounts in question, and maybe also the primary account. This way you will be able to send both generic newsletters to all subscriber from the primary account, but also branch specific newsletters from the subaccount.

Unique templates

You can have your own unique template made in Ubivox. It will be designed completely to your wishes. You may choose to restrict some elements in the newsletter. This way the users may only change certain areas when working in the newsletter editor.

In stead of having 100 branches each build their own design, you will exploit the economies of scale in having your own design made. The template will be distributed to all subaccounts, for the benefit of their users and will cause huge time savings.

Furthermore you will achive a more simple workflow for the different users, which should motivate them to send even more newsletters.

Access to all features of Ubivox

In addition to all of the above mentioned, which you will benefit from as a larger orginazation, you will also gain access to all the features of Ubivox from every subaccount.

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