"We've used Ubivox since they started out, and we have been very happy with them. Ubivox lives up to our demands for solid e-mail deliveries with statistics, functions, design and more. The warmest recommendations from here."

Rasmus Poulsen, daily manager


"The system is incredibly user friendly and it has the most important functions that a newsletter must contain. If I ever have questions or am in need of help, Ubivox always provides incredibly quick and professional service."

Charlotte Sørensen, Nordic Professional Business Coordinator


"At YouSee, we needed a quick and easy solution for sending out newsletters to our clients. Ubivox provides this completely. We were sending our first newsletter in mere hours after signing up, and it is easy for our editors to use the online tool when shaping our messages. Ubivox makes sure that our newsletters are presented identically in all e-mail clients, which saves us a lot of time. The system is intuitive and the few questions that we have had have been answered quickly and in a friendly manner. A clear recommendation."

Kristian Thrane, Yousee Frontend manager


"Ubivox really nailed it with their newsletter solution. Since day 1, working with it has been like playing around. Everything seems well thought through and it is easy to gain an overview of the various functions. Import, integration and design earn an A*. We are very happy with Ubivox."

Jan Evensen


"A professional newsletter system, which works for both the techies and for people that just want to send newsletters with no extra bother. No need to worry about neither stamps nor HTML coding. And the support is super if you do happen to get stuck anyway."

Charlotte Hansen

Grete Lundbeck European Brain Research Foundation

"The Foundation for Grete Lundbecks European "Brain Prize" - The Brain Prize is a newly constituted fund, which annually awards a prize of €1 million to brain research. You have to be nominated for the award, so back when our first "Call for Nominations" were to be sent in the spring of 2010, we chose to do so through several channels, including distributing a newsletter. In order to ensure that the message got through to more than 2000 e-mail addresses worldwide, we let Ubivox handle the entire process. We have been very satisfied with the performance of Ubivox."

Janne Axelsen, MA, Int. Relations Manager

Speakers Club

"Ubivox is easy and intuitive to use - even for people who aren't super-users. If you find challenges anyway, the level of service is high. I can warmly recommend Ubivox."

Thomas Rex Frederiksen

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