Visual editing of newsletters with flexible design templates

Design, write and edit your newsletters in a simple and easy manner with our drag and drop system. You won't have to use neither HTML nor CSS.

Our very own editing tool makes it easy for everyone to build and write both simple and advanced newsletters. At the same time, advanced users that want to do their own coding are not restricted.

Use our standard templates, or have your own custom template made to match your corporate identity.

Create a newsletter this easily

Templates for every need.

Subscribing and unsubscribing

Ubivox handles both subscribing and unsubscribing easily and automatically. You can completely avoid tedious spreadsheets and lists.

Subscribe directly via your website

A/B split test

What works best - a green or a red button? Optimise your newsletters through controlled tests.

Have it down to a science

Courses and drip campaigns

Host courses and create drip campaigns for individual recipients. You don't have to worry about manual management.

Send individual e-mails at regular intervals

Advanced segmentation

Aim your messages at the right target audience and increase the success rate of your campaigns and newsletters.

Target your message with Ubivox

Statistics and evaluation

Learn who's reacted to contents in your newsletters. And how many clicks have been generated.

Gain knowledge with every newsletter

API & webhooks

Have Ubivox communicate with your other systems, making every-day-administration easy and simple.

Unlimited integration possibilities

Integrations available for ...

Media library

Easily add and manage images to your account. They can be accessible to all your users.

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Image editing

Easily crop images and adjust their size to fit with the text in your newsletters.

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Video in newsletters

Display videos in your newsletters with no extra hassle.

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Mail merging

Get personal and use subscriber information actively in your newsletters.

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Scheduled deliveries

No reason to get out of bed just because the newsletter has to be delivered at 5 in the morning.

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Social network sharing

Enable your subscribers to share your newsletter on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms online.

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Newsletter archive

Let your readers gain access to previous newsletters by having an archive of them on your own website.

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Google Analytics

Ubivox easily lets you integrate Google Analytics, so that you can analyse and evaluate each delivery.

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OnClick Actions

Let each click teach you more about your readers and what they're interested in.

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Track targets

Keep track of conversions based on newsletters. See whether you're reaching your goals.

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Subscription via QR-codes

QR-codes let you be in charge of which platforms to use for fast and user-friendly subscription.

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Facebook integration

Your subscribers are on Facebook. So should your subscription form be.

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Thoroughly tested technology

We have nine years of experience with newsletters and 15+ years with software. And we put that to use daily.

More about our technology

Import and export

Easily include new subscribers from .CSV- and Excel files.

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Advanced search and filters

Find recipients through segmentation criteria and gain a quick overview.

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Handling of duplicates

Ubivox automatically handles duplicates on all lists, so you avoid duplicate subscribers.

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Unlimited amounts of data fields

Name, business, address… You decide which information to register. And how much.

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Recipient control panel

Let your recipients update their own information - and save your own time.

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In the trial period, every function is available. However, you can only send to a max. of 50 recipients per delivery.

When you create your account, you confirm that you will also follow our anti spam policy and business terms.

Subscriptions and payment

Turn your trial into a full subscription by activating it. This is done by adding credit card details, in the account administration, and choosing a subscription.

No minimum contact period or risks

If you choose to not activate your account, the trial will automatically be closed after 10 days. You will only be invoiced if you actively subscribe.