Make decisions with A/B split testing
When a gut feeling isn't enough

Test on more than just a subject

Use your newsletters to find out what works best for your subscribers by split testing.

Ubivox enables you to test the phrasing of subject fields, headlines, content, graphics, "call to action" buttons and links as well as the delivery time.

This enables you to optimise the outcome of the test in question and use your new knowledge in future newsletters - creating them to the specifications that your subscribers prefer.

Automatically sends the winner

You will send different versions of the newsletter to two test groups on your list. The system then automatically sends the best performing one to the remaining subscribers.

  • Let your recipients determine what's interesting.
  • Gain more clicks and views; they generate more sales.
  • Quick and easy to set up.
  • You're in charge of what and when to test.
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