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Create future value with old newsletters

  • Gain more readers by publicising old newsletters on your website.
  • Give potential subscribers an idea about what you'll be sending in the future.

Old news, continuous value

A newsletter does not decrease in value once it's sent and received by your subscribers. It still contains information which is valuable to the visitors on your website; about you, your products, your business and whatever else you have updated about.

By archiving your newsletters and linking them on your website, they'll continue creating value in the future.

Archive on your own website

A newsletter can be archived in Ubivox with a single mouse-click. Linking it to your website is a simple process, which only needs to be done once. Afterwards, the archive will be updated on your website automatically, every time you archive a new newsletter.

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Subscriptions and payment

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No minimum contact period or risks

If you choose to not activate your account, the trial will automatically be closed after 10 days. You will only be invoiced if you actively subscribe.

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