Mail merge recipient data
Create personal and varied newsletters

Mail merging enables you to make each newsletter appear personal to every individual you send it to

Be on first-name basis with your subscribers

The most popular way of personalising a newsletter is by merging the recipient's first name into the text automatically. In other words, to have it say "Dear Thomas" or "Dear Charlotte" instead of a generic word.

Similarly, you can also merge the first name into the subject field of their e-mail, creating a more personal experience for each individual. This often helps increase the amount of newsletters opened.

Mail merge your contents

An advanced function allows you to decide whether specific groups should only see certain sections of your newsletter. For example, you can base these groups on gender, age or geography - as long as you have gathered the information in question and added them to your data-fields (don't worry, this is easy to do).

In theory (and reality), you can send a completely unique newsletter to every single subscriber.

Furthermore, it is also possible to merge unique data into URLs, if wanted.

  • Personalise your newsletter with mail merging categories
  • Merge recipient names directly into e-mail subject fields
  • Show separate editions of your newsletter to different groups, based on your own categories

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