Get to know your subscribers without having to ask them directly
Let your readers' clicks inform you

The Onclick actions feature lets you tag links in your newsletters. Doing so enables you to store information about your readers' actions and interests, by logging who clicks which links. In other words: you can see who is interested in particular elements of each newsletter, defined by your own criteria and subjects.

You can use this information when writing your future newsletters and targeting certain sections at specific groups. This is especially usable with the Ubivox segmentation function.

Shortcut to more knowledge

An owner of a bike shop wants to know more about who is interested in men's and women's bycycles. He may add a tag to his links, ie. the tag "Men's bikes" to the link pointing to a page with men's bicycles.

When the recipients clicks this link the value "Men's bikes" is added to the recipient profile.

The feature can also be used to add the total number of clicks by a recipient to see who of the recipients are the most active.

Boy or girl, man or woman

He may use the feature to gain information about the gender of recipients. Adding a "Question of the month" to the newsletter is an easy way of doing this by including an option for each gender. Any recipient clicking the "Male" option will most likely be male and this can be added to their profile.

It is also possible to mail merge unique user data into the URL if necessary.

  • Automatically collect information about your readers.
  • Tag your links...
  • ...and store information about who clicks them on each person's profile
  • Can be used to create deliveries for specific target groups

Guide til OnClick Actions i Ubivox  

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