Become a Ubivox agency partner

The agency account can help you sell more services to your existing or new clients. You may quickly become a Ubivox superuser and thereby easily add value for your customers by combining the software with your knowledge of web, communication, and advertising./p>

Furthermore you will receive a comission for reselling Ubivox as long as the client is using Ubivox.

You may chose how much customer involvement you wish to have. You may handle everything regarding the client's newsletters, certain parts of it, or you may let the client handle everything themselves. No matter what model you chose you will still receive a comssion as long as the client has an account with Ubivox.

Sell more services

We have drawn up examples of areas where you can add value for your existing and new clients utilising Ubivox.

  • Development of a newsletter strategy for the client - how often should they send? To whom? What should they write about? What should they measure? Who writes what? How should the template be design? What is the specific work process? Etc.
  • How do they get more subscribers? See tips below.
  • Consulting regarding newsletters in general - subject fields, call to action, best pratice, etc.
  • Help writing content.
  • Design and structure of the template.
  • Courses on how to use the software.
  • Setting up signup forms.
  • Social integration.
  • Course e-mails/drip campaigns.
  • Automatic welcome e-mail after signing up to the newsletter.
  • Setting up tracking with Google Analytics.
  • Setting up an archive of newsletters.
  • Subscriber controlpanel.
  • Onclick actions.
  • Consulting regarding how the client may increase sales through cross selling in the newsletter.

Why should your clients choose Ubivox

  • Ubivox is newsletter software developed in Denmark. The software and support is available in English (and Danish).
  • Used by more than 1.000 companies across the world.
  • E-mail support with short response time (often within a couple of hours), plus live chat support. Phone support can be added for a fee.
  • The software is based on more than 9 years of experience developing and sending newsletters compiled into userfriendly online software.
  • The design editor aims to make the design process simple and flexible allowing you to design beautiful newsletters without any HTML knowledge.
  • The option of having a unique template developed specifically for the client's needs while retaining usability and flexibility without having to worry about HTML.
  • Our templates are tested so the clients avoid having to worry about how the subscriber's e-mail client is displaying the newsletter.
  • No minimum contract period or startup fees.
  • We handle the technical setup of servers, we adhere to e-mail standards and we constantly monitor blacklists, all of which helps to get through to the recipient's inbox. Furthermore we are in ongoing contact with the large ISP's (Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo!, TDC etc.) which also helps improve the client's delivery rates.
  • Clients who use their e-mail program or CMS to send newsletters through will often experience big differences in click and view rates since the aforementioned technical steps are seldom done correctly on the servers used to send. Therefore they may think that they are sending to far more subscribers than they are actually reaching. This will quickly be made visible through the statistics module in Ubivox.
  • Time saved when setting up a newsletter. Especially an advantage not to have to be an HTML expert and designer everytime a newsletter has to be sent.
  • It is free to create a test account in Ubivox.

How to become a Ubivox agency partner

Create a test account in the Ubivox system. Afterwards, send an e-mail to containing the account name and a link to your website so we can see who you are. Then we will change your account to an agency account.

You will receive a partner manual containing information about comission, how to use the account, and tips/tricks on how to add value for your clients.

Contact us to hear more about the possibilities, write to or call us at +45 71 99 67 63.

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Get a free Ubivox trial

In the trial period, every function is available. However, you can only send to a max. of 50 recipients per delivery.

When you create your account, you confirm that you will also follow our anti spam policy and business terms.

Subscriptions and payment

Turn your trial into a full subscription by activating it. This is done by adding credit card details, in the account administration, and choosing a subscription.

No minimum contact period or risks

If you choose to not activate your account, the trial will automatically be closed after 10 days. You will only be invoiced if you actively subscribe.

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