Ubivox as an add-on for the CMS

As a CMS provider you can use Ubivox as a newsletter add-on. By integrating the CMS with Ubivox you can automatically offer your clients a userfriendly, Danish piece of software with data syncronised between both systems.

9 years experience and development

The CMS client may with a few clicks in the CMS have a state of the art newsletter solution based on more than 9 years of experience in the business. The CMS provider does not need to dedicate resources to the development and maintenance of a complex newsletter setup which demands resources and takes focus from the core competences of the company.

Technical stuff

SPF, Domainkeys, Feedbackloops, JMRP, SNDS, mail server reputation, blacklisting - these are some of the areas which may take resources to handle and these are areas where we at Ubivox are optimising continuously. Correct displaying of newsletters in e-mail clients is also an important job for us. All e-mails are sent from our optimised servers which ensure quick delivery without putting strain on the CMS servers.

Easy to integrate

Ubivox has a thoroughly documented API which is easy to integrate with. Check out our documentation.

The advantage is that you, as a CMS provider, integrate with the system once and all of your clients will benefit from it.

Automatic synchronisation

Your clients may create an Ubivox accout from the CMS with a few clicks, and data (e-mail addresses and subscriber data like name, zip code, interests etc.) can be automatically synchronised from the CMS to Ubivox - and the other way around. Setting up the subcribe form on the website may also be handled from the CMS and will save your clients lots of time.

Userfriendly editor

Ubivox has a unique userfriendly editor which makes it simple, even for the inexperienced, to design a beautiful newsletter. Furthermore the editor gives the option of handling settings down to the last detail, and an HTML editor if the client wishes to build his own HTML code.

Additional features

Other features are the collection of statistics, social integration with more than 350 social platforms, A/B split testing, segmenation, mail merging, archived newsletters, a powerful mail motor, timed delivery of newsletters, onclick actions and access to continuous updates of the system, with new features and improvements as a part of the client's subscription.

Contact us to hear more about your options, write to partner@ubivox.com or call us at +45 71 99 67 63.

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