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Let us help you get going with Ubivox

Ubivox is built as a DIY tool that you can get started with for as little as down to €12 a month. Below you'll find an overview of our starter packs. These are helpful if you want us to help you get started with the system.

Getting started packages

Light Business Business Plus
12 month subscription € 144 € 408 € 1,800
Setting up a newsletter* € 460 € 460 € 460
Google Analytics and Social Sharing setup € 113 € 113 € 113
Import of subscribers € 57 € 57 € 57
Subscription form on website € 113 € 113 € 113
Normal price € 887 € 1,151 € 2,543
Discount € -288 € -352 € -544
Starter pack price € 599 € 799 € 1,999
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* The template will be designed on the basis of a proposal from you. If wanted, Ubivox can also create a design for you, for an extra charge of €200.

All prices listed are without VATs . Starter packs may not be combined with other discounts.

Starter pack content

12 month subscription to Ubivox
If you send fewer e-mails per month than the ones included in your starter pack, you will not have to pay anything extra for the first year. This gives you a fixed price for your budget, which you can count on.

Setting up your first lists
We will set up your first lists for you, including data fields, opt-in texts and more.

Import of subscribers from existing databases
If you already have a list of subscribers, we'll help you import them into the Ubivox system - making sure the transfer is as smooth as possible.

Enabling subscribing and unsubscribing on your own website
Obviously, new subscriptions must end up in your database at Ubivox. So we'll help you make sure that happens.

Setting up your first newsletter, including design and images
You provide us with a document with your first newsletter, images and your wishes for a design. Then we'll set it all up for you, so it's ready to be sent. You can use this set-up as a basis for future deliveries.

Be talked through Ubivox on the phone
So that you are ready to get started with your own newsletters.

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Get a free Ubivox trial

In the trial period, every function is available. However, you can only send to a max. of 50 recipients per delivery.

When you create your account, you confirm that you will also follow our anti spam policy and business terms.

Subscriptions and payment

Turn your trial into a full subscription by activating it. This is done by adding credit card details, in the account administration, and choosing a subscription.

No minimum contact period or risks

If you choose to not activate your account, the trial will automatically be closed after 10 days. You will only be invoiced if you actively subscribe.