Hosting environment

Ubivox runs on it's own physical hardware, in a private virtualized cloud, to minimize the impact from other customers, that happens in most cloud hosting environments.

We run our system operations out of Amsterdam, Netherlands. This is a central location for all European and International Internet transit traffic, thus giving us access to the best performance and connectivity.

As we are currently headquartered in Denmark, we have partnered with SingleHop to provide us with data center services in Amsterdam.

At SingleHop we have access to a world class data center facility and a professional team of specialists helping us with making the Ubivox systems perform its best.


One of the major benefits of being located in Amsterdam is network access. Amsterdam is one of the largest communication hubs for exchanging Internet traffic.

At SingleHop we have direct access to two tier 1 network providers, giving us the connectivity needed to serve all of our customers and their users globally.


The facility uses N+1 Free Cooling chiller systems controlled and monitored by pressure, temperature, and humidification sensors.

All cabinets are placed in Cold Aisle Enclosures for maximum efficiency.


The facility uses a 2N power factor corrected modular UPS with a N+1 fully synchronized generator system.

The data center operates under a 100% Green Energy commitment.

Physical security

All facilities are CCTV monitored and manned by a permanent and trusted security staff 24/7. The facilities uses biometric access control with a gated entrance.

The building uses VESDA fire detection combined with a mechanical Inergen gas fire suppression system.


We have chosen to use virtual servers to run our systems from. This gives us easy administration as well as a reliability and scalability that cannot be achieved with normal hardware.

Our servers run on private, dedicated hardware nodes.

All servers runs on the VMware's flagship platform for enterprise solutions, VMware ESXi 5.1, and is secured against hardware failures using live vMotion migrations between hardware nodes in case of faults.


Instead of making ourselves dependent of vulnerable disk systems in every server, we use a central, replicated SAN.

To secure against failures, we make an encrypted backup of everything at our head quarters in Denmark every night.

ISO-27001 / BS 25999-2:2007

Our hosting facilities meets the following international standards:

  • ISO-27001
    Information technology, Security techniques, Information security management systems, Requirements
  • BS 25999-2:2007
    Specification for Business Continuity Management

This means that our suppliers supports the systematic work being performed by public and private businesses to increase information and IT security.

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