Ubivox is developed with focus on openness and integration. Every account type except Light includes an open API which makes it easy to connect Ubivox with other systems. It doesn’t matter if you develop using PHP, .NET, Python, Ruby, ASP or other programming languages, they all have libraries making it easy to integrate with our API.

Aside from the API we also offer webhooks and feeds making it easy to pull data from Ubivox and using it in other systems. Anything from recipient lists to statistics is available.

Documentation for the API can be found here, webhooks and feeds can be found in the Account menu when logged into Ubivox. Create an account if you want to look closer at the integration options.

If you’re using any of the systems listed below we already have plugins you can use.

» WordPress · Magento · osCommerce · Andre systemer


Our WordPress plugin makes it easy to add a signup form which lets your visitors sign up to your newsletter. You simply add your account name and list and that’s it.

Contact us if you wish to receive the plugin including a guide on setting it up.

Integrer Ubivox med WordPress


For Magento we have a plugin which syncronises your recipient list on the fly. You don’t have to export and import recipients before sending each newsletter – the plugin handles the process automatically, letting you focusing on writing and sending great newsletters.

Contact us if you wish to receive the plugin including a guide on setting it up. You need a Business account or better to use this plugin.

Integrer Ubivox med Magento


We have created a free osCommerce plugin which simplifies the task of exporting a file to import in Ubivox. The process takes a few minutes and ensures that you always have the latest version of your recipient database, when you send your newsletter.

Contact us if you wish to receive the plugin including a guide on setting it up.

Integrer Ubivox med osCommmerce

Other systems and software

Because of our API you are not limited to using the systems above if you wish to integrate with Ubivox. Our API uses JSON and XML-RPC and most programming languages have libraries to use when setting up the integration.

We have examples in PHP that you can use to as a starting point – contact us if you wish to receive the example via e-mail.

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Subscriptions and payment

Turn your trial into a full subscription by activating it. This is done by adding credit card details, in the account administration, and choosing a subscription.

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