We prefer to stand on the shoulders of giants and use different software frameworks and server systems whereever we can, so we avoid having to re-invent the wheel.

This list is here in order to provide our customers with information and insight into what goes on behind the scene; and also to give praise to the work that a countless number of other developers put into maintaining the systems we depend on every day.


Renowned for its security, reliability and data integrity, PostgreSQL is the backbone of our systems and handles millions of transactions every day.

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Programming language

We use Python and Django extensively in our backend, crossing the entire spectrum from web services to our mail engine. Python allows us to prototype new features incredibly fast, while also supporting our requirements for reliability and scalability.

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Web framework

Django is a web framework that makes it easy to develop web applications using Python. It is, with good reason, used on many marjor websites. Django is, in our humble opinion, the perfect compromise between high performance and rapid development.

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Image editing

When we discovered Aviary, we were quickly convinced that our customers would appreciate an integration. Avariary is an online application for image editing which makes it very easy to adjust your images to fit your needs.

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Mail server

All of the mail relays in our SMTP cluster run Postfix with a specially tailored configuration. This configuration contains special routing instructions for several thousands of different servers around the Internet. This is in order to make sure that we adhere to the different wishes for delivery speeds and volumes that different adminstrators may have.

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To couple all of our different services together and make it possible to easily scale our system, we use RabbitMQ to handle all internal communication between the systems. RabbitMQ is developed in Erlang and has a basis in the telecom industry - so it is built with high requirements for uptime and scalability.

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Operating system
Debian GNU/Linux

All of our servers run Linux and use the Debian distribution. This gives us access to one of the most reliable and secure Linux distributions on the market.

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