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It can be frustrating and time consuming to find the right newsletter solution, when it has to meet legal and technical requirements, while also being user friendly. But you shouldn’t have to make compromises when it comes to your communication.

With over 20 years of experience with email marketing and newsletters, we have developed a platform that is user friendly, reliable and GDPR compliant.

Because we believe that it should be easier for you to make better communication, without feeling limited by your platform.

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You can combine your software, knowledge and infrastructure in one platform

With Ubivox, you can combine effective tools to handle contacts, design emails and measure and evaluate your results. All in a safe, effective and well-monitored delivery platform.

When you choose Ubivox, you get flexible standard email-templates, unlimited numbers of users and different language options. Furthermore, you can get help from specialists with over 20 years of experience in email marketing and newsletters.

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There can be many requirements, when you have to choose the right newsletter solution

Legal requirements from local authorities, requirements for communication and reporting from management, and technical specifications.

With Ubivox, you’ll make sure that all needs are met.

  • GDPR compliant newsletters

  • Multiple language options

  • Great deliverability

  • Tools for evaluating results

  • Free support

  • Safe management of accounts

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Our prices start at only 45 EUR monthly rate for 1.000 contacts.

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Private Companies

  • Unlimited users
  • Free support
  • API and Zapier integration
  • 1.000 contacts
  • 10.000 emails
  • 10 times monthly

Corporations and Franchises

  • Unlimited users
  • Free support
  • API and Zapier integration
  • 1.000 contacts
  • ? emails
  • 10 times monthly
  • Multiple account management
  • Introductory course

High Volume Media Houses

  • Unlimited users
  • Free support
  • API and Zapier integration
  • 1.000 contacts
  • 50.000 emails
  • 14+ times monthly
  • Custom setup of DKIM, SPF & domain
  • Strategic advice

Solutions for goverment institutions and NGOs

We serve many Danish government institutions and organisations, such as Forsvarsministeriet, Finansministeriet, Københavns Kommune, Aarhus Kommune, Odense Kommune, Digitaliseringsstyrelsen, Rådet for Digital Sikkerhed, Fødevarestyrelsen, Rigsrevisionen and Vejdirektoratet, offering a secure platform to send newsletters to citizens and stakeholders.

Regardless of whether you represent a small department or a larger public institution, our newsletter solution can improve your communication. If multiple departments need to send out emails and newsletters, we offer an integrated solution for all.

Should we cover your needs and find the right solution for you, your department or your organisation?

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API, web hooks, data feeds & integrations to over 1.000 systems

With special integrations, you can connect your Ubivox email platform with your company’s own internal services and more than 1.000 other external services online.

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