The modern day post office

Inspired by the values of Danish design, we have infused Ubivox with a focus on functional simplicity and efficiency, giving you a powerful newsletter toolbox for your online marketing.

We deliver your digital newsletters and e-mail marketing to known contacts, while keeping a strong focus on the business goals of our clients:

  • Increase sales
  • Retain existing customers
  • Gain new customers
  • Drive traffic to websites
  • Improve internal communication

Why use newsletters & e-mail marketing?

A valid question indeed, as you have several other options within online marketing.

The simple answer is ... It works.

E-mail has, together with SEO, the highest channel return on investment. It’s as personal to your contacts and customers as their phone number, maybe even more.

E-mail works across platforms and used by most on a daily basis. Remember; you need an e-mail address for signing up for Facebook and other social media.

The Long Johns of online marketing

E-mail marketing might not be sexy like the newest social advertising trends – using underwear as an analogy, we are the Long Johns – comfortable, varm and living up to expectations.

Ubivox is easy to work with and simple to understand. Only one account type, access to all system features and unlimited newsletters - no matter how many contacts you have.

Get a free trial and experience it yourself

8 out of 10
choose Ubivox because they like software simple and to the point.

A turnkey solution that enables you to ...

  • - Capture & administrate contacts
  • - Design & edit newsletters
  • - Publish & deliver your mails
  • - Measure & evaluate your result
  • - Integrate your business systems

"The system is incredibly user friendly and it has the most important functions that a newsletter must contain."

Charlotte Sørensen, Nordic Professional Business Coordinator, Colgate

Happy companies that use Ubivox for their newsletter strategy

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Get a free Ubivox trial

In the trial period, every function is available. However, you can only send to a max. of 50 recipients per delivery.

When you create your account, you confirm that you will also follow our anti spam policy and business terms.

Subscriptions and payment

Turn your trial into a full subscription by activating it. This is done by adding credit card details, in the account administration, and choosing a subscription.

No minimum contact period or risks

If you choose to not activate your account, the trial will automatically be closed after 10 days. You will only be invoiced if you actively subscribe.

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